To kick off my new portfolio/blog site I thought I would share a ‘geeky’ time-saving tip with you all (this will take no more than 15 minutes of your time to set up including going through my post )

First of all thanks to Gulio Sciorio for talking about his Wireless workflow from his PEN and E-M5 and then posting to Instagram from his iPhone or iPad. However, it got me thinking ‘what if you are on the move and you want to publish the images to Flickr and also Google+?’ This would be a waste of bandwidth/ time when you are basically doing the same task again and again!

Note: Instagram if you are not aware limits the original image size to 612px maximum which is fine for a mobile device. If we are going to cross post to G+ and Flickr, I would like to post using a larger image sizing than what Instagram offers. In summary the process will be as follows

  1. Upload to DropBox , it’s free to sign up and the space we need can be reclaimed after all the uploads are completed and it is universal for IOS and Android devices.
  2. Cross Post to G+ album automatically – wow awesome!
  3. Cross Post to your public Flickr PhotoStream – bonus video round!.

All you have to do then is either fine-tune any tags, share images to your posts streams . Bottom line you only have to upload once and have a little bit of patience :D

This technique can be further expaned to include saving your Instagram Image Posts to DropBox and Uploading again to Google+ !  Although, to not take too much time I will only cover this first ‘recipe‘ of Flickr and G+ for now :)

Preparations & What We Will Use?

Before we get started, we will be usinga few web applications before we get round to adding images so bear with me, when we are jumping between different web apps.

What we will need first of all:

  1. Your Dropbox Account, this will be used as a staging area for your images
  2. Your Google+ Account , for purposes of testing we will create a new Album called Test365. The recipe can be modified after you have this working on your side to point to the album of your own choice.
  3. Your Flickr Account , I no longer have a Pro account but this method still works posting to the Public PhotoStream!
  4. An account (If This Then That) this free web service will be ‘glue’ that allows us to cross-post from DropBox to G+ and also Flickr.

Naturally any images to copy to the Dropbox folder in the closing stages of this tutorial :) Okay, lets get started!

Google+ Album Setup

An image needs to be uploaded for a new album to be created in G+ ! You can remove the test image if you wish once we start to populate the album :)

Note: You will soon see the important link between the album name very shortly !

Set Up your G+ Album  1
In this tutorial, we are naming this album Test365 you will see why this important as we go though the Tutorial :) you can then adapt this to point to the album you wish to use for future uploads :)

1. Add the new album name Upload your Image 2. Create the Album

Set Up your G+ Album  2
You can just hit cancel just now to not share the album or if you wish to share the Album right now then, Share away !

Set Up your G+ Album  3
Make your G+ Test365 Album Public

Set Up your G+ Album  4
Now we will log into PicasaWeb

There are additional settings you cannot see in G+ that will help us cross-post to the photo albums

Set Up your G+ Album  5
PicasaWeb Email Settings

  1. Enable ‘Allow me to Upload photos by email’
  2. Add a secret word ( do not share this ! )
  3. Keep a note of the email address , we will be using this very soon That’s all we have to do here for now :D
Picasa Web Albums - General Tab Email Settings

IFTTT (If This Then That) Setup and DropBox

IFTTT – Sign up for an Account

Sign up to and get an account , once you have entered your desired username and email address you will need to verify the email address afterwards

IFTTT – Log in and Activate Channels

As we will be using DropBox, Flickr and GMail (to facilitate posting to G+) These three channels need to be activated. IFTTT will ask you to authorize yourself to each of the channels so it can work with your accounts. Note: Anything greyed out in IFTTT is not yet activated The image below shows Flickr and GMail already activated

IFTTT - Log in and Activate Channels
IFTTT / Create Recipe Phase1

Click on Create Recipe in IFTTT Now we will start with the THIS (Dropbox) and the GMAIL Channel

IFTTT / Create Recipe Pt1
IFTTT / Create Recipe Phase2

After selecting the DropBox Channel, we need to specify a Trigger event. In this case I am going to choose any new Photo in my Public folder

IFTTT / Create Recipe Pt2
IFTTT / Create Recipe Phase3

1. Instead of making this generic with the Public folder ( I have other images in there I do not want to be uploaded) I am creating another sub folder in the DropBox/Public folder called ‘uploader’  Note: for the trigger event to work this folder needs to be created in your Dropbox Public folder (folder names are Case-Sensitive)

2. Create the Trigger

IFTTT / Create Recipe Pt3
IFTTT / Create Recipe Phase4

Now we have to select THAT. to specify what the Trigger event should do This wil be using the GMAIL channel

IFTTT / Create Recipe Pt4
IFTTT / Create Recipe Phase5

You only have one choice after selecting Gmail to Send an Email, and this is what we will do :)

IFTTT / Create Recipe Pt5
IFTTT / Create Recipe Phase6

So this is what will happen: We upload a new Public Photo to Dropbox (Public/uploader folder) , this event will trigger an email to send to the G+ Album we have set up previously

  1. The email address to send to G+/PicasaWeb
  2. Subject is the AlbumName in G+ :)
  3. Body will be the FileName without the extension
  4. Attachment URL is the Photo Source URL

This is all you need to finalize the ‘action’ so scroll a bit down and Select CREATE ACTION

IFTTT / Create Recipe Pt6
IFTTT / Create Recipe Phase7

Just to review the complete trigger and action , the description text is optional but gives you a hint as to what the ‘recipe’ does when viewing this in your IFTTT Dashboard

Click on Create Recipe

IFTTT / Create Recipe Pt7

Image Upload to DropBox

Upload the relevant image/images to DropBox . Once you are done make sure to click on the Upload Images button

Image below is using the web uploader , although this may look different if you are using Finder or another File manager. What is important though is the path Public/uploader

Image Upload to DropBox

Run the IFTTT recipe

By default all active ‘recipes’ run at a 15 minute interval but you can do a Check Now to see if this works. Depending on the size & number of images the trigger may take a few minutes to complete.

Run the IFTTT recipe

Check your Photo Album in G+

Some minutes later , you can see my new image has been magically uploaded to the G+ album. ‘Test365’

Now you can share the image into a G+ post or keep it in the album for a rainy day .

Check your Photo Album in G+

Bonus Round – Automate Uploads to Flickr too !

Well that’s it for this Tutorial on speeding up image publishing in your workflow, I hope you have found it useful! If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to drop me a line below or look me up on G+ too.