Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns


A native of Scotland but now based in Germany, Kevin’s first SLR Camera was an East German Practika with a beauty of a 35mm lens , rough around the edges but took great shots . However, other diverting interests elsewhere and ‘getting a job’ this  passion had to be ‘put on hold’ temporarily.

Fast forward to 2009 when he buys his first Micro Four Thirds camera , a Panasonic Lumix GF-1, this camera rejuvenated his passion again in photography together with the Lumix 14mm and 20mm prime lens. Karma was good once again practicing and re-learning digital photography. Things start to change once more in 2012, with the arrival of the Olympus OM-D with fast focusing, image stabilization and a great ISO range, which is now the primary camera Kevin uses on shoots.

Most of the images in Kevin’s G+, 500px profiles are all shot with the Olympus E-M5 ( street themes, people, landscape, concerts)

Self-employed technology consultant in between shooting images providing digital technology, web and Agile project consultancy to pay the bills and feed the passion of photography!

Kevin prefers to shoot the in the following styles: Black and White, Portraits/Headshots, Street photography and Live Music (Concerts, Events, Bands)
Sorry no Weddings :)

Passionate about capturing the essence of life whether that is with human subjects or the beauty that surrounds us and often neglected in the rush of ‘daily life’

Available for assignments around Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK/ireland and even Worldwide
If you want to hire Kevin for a photo shoot, then get in touch.

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